12 beautiful girls have been chosen for the 2019 Charity Calendar

We finished the 2nd &3rd part of the competition for the new Charity Calendar ❗️💥📸

We received 42 entries.
21 semifinalists were invited to the 2nd Stage.
The stories and the pictures of the contestants and their pets were absolutely breath taking🐕🐇🐈🐎
They were all very interesting, however we had to make a decision and chose 12 girls that are going to be a part of the 2019 Charity Calendar📆
Our charity action is called “Don’t buy adopt “, the website bielsko.biala.pl is the patron.

The photographers taking part in this project are 📸: Małgorzata tomasz, Magdalena Ostrowicka, Katarzyna Zdrowak, Grzegorz Moskal Photography and Romek Anusiewicz.
In the calendar, your card will see:
Maja and Wera, Kinga Stach, Nadia Dudzic, Luiza Szczerbowska, Ania Jaromin, Angelika Adamek, Patrycja, Klaudia Waleczek, Natalia Błahut, Dominika Czudek, Colleen Moore, Krystyna Zaręba 👍
If You are interested in sponsoring one of the months and help call us.
📞 502 59 66 69