Our Mister Beskid贸w 1st runner up- Dorian Nonna-Bacho艅 visited the Orphanage and brought beautiful gifts for the kids

07 October 2020

Miss & Mister Beskid贸w 2020

04 September 2020
馃憫Miss Beskid贸w 2020 馃憫 Wiktoria Fober
I Vice Miss Beskid贸w 2020 馃憫 Wiktoria Wolczyk
II VIce Miss Beskid贸w 2020 馃憫 Weronika Krawczyk
III Vice MIss Beskid贸w 2020 馃憫Hanna Cie艣lar
IV Vice Miss Beskid贸w 2020 馃憫 Agata Korna艣
Mister Beskid贸w 2020- Jakub Hazuka
I vice Mister Beskid贸w 2020 – Dorian Nonna- Bacho艅
II vice Mister Beskid贸w 2020 – Adrian Lach
III vice Mister Beskid贸w 2020 – Mateusz Guga
IV vice Mister Beskid贸w 2020 – Wojciech Felsch
Zielone karty – Sebastian Kubik, Grzegorz Pociennik i Konrad Ry艣
Special Guests:
馃憫 Magdalena Kasiborska – Miss Beskid贸w 2019/ Miss POLSKI 2019
馃憫 Anita Szewczyk – Miss Beskid贸w Nastolatek 2020
Bartosz Gwiazda – I vice Mister Beskid贸w / pe艂ni膮cy obowi膮zki Mistera Beskid贸w 2019
馃憫 Anna Maria Jaromin- Miss Beskid贸w 2018, reprezentantka Polski na finale konkursu Miss Globe 2019 w Albanii
馃憫 Roksana Pietraszko – Queen of Poland 2019
馃憫 Martyna Wala – Miss Beskid贸w Nastolatek 2019/ finalistka Miss Polski Nastolatek 2019
馃憫 Klaudia Kucharska – Miss Beskid贸w Nastolatek 2015/ Miss Polski Nastolatek 2017
BCK – Bielskie Centrum Kultury Dom Muzyki
Foto: Grzegorz Moskal Fotografia, GM Fotografia.pl
Miss Polski, Mister Polski

1 day till the Miss & Mister Beskid贸w 2020 finale

03 September 2020
1锔忊儯 day
Another bussy day before tomorrow big Finale of聽Miss & Mistera Beskid贸w 2020!
Today our contestants had a meeting with the judges who will pick tomorrow’s winners in聽BCK – Bielskie Centrum Kultury Dom Muzyki

2 days till Miss & Mister Beskid贸w 2020 finale

02 September 2020
Besides intense practice we also found time for a bit of releks. Our finalists compeated in a bowling match.聽
Mateusz Kulczycki, Wiktoria Fober, Jakub Hazuka & Adrian Lach played in the finale. Mateusz Kulczycki was the master of the Bowling Tournament馃憦

Miss & Mistera Beskid贸w field trip to Szyndzielnia

19 August 2020

Last years Miss & Mister Beskid贸w finale

24 May 2020

After our big Gala our Miss Beskid贸w 2019 ( Magdalena Kasiborska), qualified to the 聽Miss Polski 2019 pageant where she won the main title MISS POLSKI 2019.

Mister Beskid贸w ( Wojciech Grychnik) & Mister Beskid贸w 2nd runner up (Mateusz Kuboszek) qualified to the Mistera Polski pageant. Wojciech Grychnik qualified to TOP 7 ( and received Mistera Extreme Warrior Park title) 聽Mateusz Kuboszek qualified to 聽TOP 15 (receiving the Mister Ozonee) title.

Martyna Wala ( Miss Beskid贸w Nastolatek), Amelia Koc (Miss Beskid贸w Nastolatek 2nd runner up ) & Sara Scoupilova qualified to the Miss Teen Poland 2019 finale.


23 April 2020


When we need to fight with a Corona Virus our Miss Poland comes to the rescue!

#WmasceCiDoTwarzy is a initiative that is promoting us wearing face masks, and being responsible for the health of thers. It’s initiated by the Miss Poland 2019 / Miss Beskid贸w –聽Magdalen膮 Kasibors膮 !
Magda visited 聽Romany Kry艣ciak, who is a fashion designer that taught Magda how to saw face masks.

Maska made by Magda will be given to 聽Fundacji Dobrego Pasterza. This foundation takes care of homeless mothers and their children who have been abused by their partners. The foundation is in Wis艂a and Ustro艅.

You will find the details on how to join this action on Magda’s & Miss Poland IG page.

Miss & Mister Beskid贸w Foto 2020

14 April 2020

While we wait for the 聽Miss & Mister Beskid贸w 2020 beauty pageant, we will present the next titles.

Andrzej Bizo艅- Mister Beskid贸w, Mister Polski 2000 needs our help!

02 April 2020

We found some pictures from 20 years ago where Andrzej was winning the MIster Beskid贸w and Mister Poland titles. He also represented our country in 聽Mister INTERNATIONAL pageant in Dusseldorf. He received a title for the best national costume. Now聽Andrzej Bizon聽really need our help. Link below…

Today at 8 p.m You can Q & A with our Miss Poland on Miss Polski instagram

20 March 2020

Mister Beskid贸w Social Media 2020

17 March 2020

We are starting the聽Mister Beskid贸w Social Media 2020 voting/ a part of聽Mister Polski????
*The finalist with the most likes under his picture on the Grabowska Models fb page wins鉂楋笍
The voting ends on march 31st
???? CobraOstra.pl
Wybory Miss i Mistera Beskid贸w 2020

Mister Beskid贸w Hotelu Diament 2020

07 March 2020


Mister Beskid贸w Hotelu Diament- Jakub Hazuka

I vice聽Mister Beskid贸w Hotelu Diament – Sebastian Kubik

II vice聽Mister Beskid贸w Hotelu Diament – Mateusz Guga

Mister Friendly – Sebastian Kubik

Mister Swim – Jakub Hazuka

2nd day of the Mister Beskid贸w 2020 grouping in Hotel Diament

06 March 2020

1st day of Mister Beskid贸w 2020 grouping

05 March 2020

Mister Beskid贸w 2020 grouping in聽Hotel Diament spa & Wellness Ustro艅聽we started off with dance practice with聽Ola Jurczak. Later to cool off our finalists were compeating for the Mister Swim title:
???? Kuba Hazuka
???? Sebastian Kubik
???? Patryk Ryszka

Magdalena (Miss Polski), donated the Miss Poland ring that was auctioned at WO艢P

05 February 2020

Mr. Kamil & Ms. Aleksandra Chibowscy, received the ring that was auctioned during the WO艢P. This year Miss Polski 2019 –聽 Magdaleny Kasiborska passed on the ring.

Thank You for Your big heart. 鈾ワ笍

Sponsor of the ring- 聽Jubiler Schubert.