Poznaj histori臋 Magdaleny Kasiborskiej – Miss Polski 2019, modelki Grabowska Models, Miss Beskid贸w 2019馃憫

03 March 2023


Last Casting call to the 35th edition of Miss Beskid贸w & Mister Beskid贸w 2023

17 January 2023

11 May 2022
馃帳 Host – OLA KOT ( ESKA TV)
馃憫 Agata Wdowiak – Miss Polski 2021
馃憫 Kathrin JanuszewskaMiss Beskid贸w 2021, finalistka Miss Polski 2021
馃憫 Martyna Kasprzycka – Miss Beskid贸w Nastolatek 2021, 聽Miss Polski Nastolatek 2022 finalist
馃憫 Anita Szewczyk- Miss Beskid贸w Nastolatek, TOP 10 Miss Polski Nastolatek 2020

Andrzej by Dawida Sternal

09 May 2022

Miss & Mister Beskid贸w 2021 Gala

20 June 2021
On June 19th the finale of Miss Beskid贸w, Miss Beskid贸w Nastolatek聽&聽Mister Beskid贸w聽took place. 聽
Special Guest during the Gala Ania Jaromin – Miss Polski 2020, Miss Beskid贸w 2018, this years Poland’s 聽representative in the 聽Miss Supranational finale, that will take place in August.
Pageant results:
Miss Beskid贸w – Kathrin Januszewska
Miss Beskid贸w 1st runner up – Justyna Kokoszka
Miss Beskid贸w 2nd聽runner up- Monika Kacprzyk
Miss Beskid贸w 3rd聽runner up- Agnieszka Jopek
Miss Beskid贸w 4th聽runner up- Oliwia Lach
Miss Beskid贸w Nastolatek – Martyna Kasprzycka
Miss Beskid贸w Nastolatek 1st runner up聽– Basia St臋pie艅
Miss Beskid贸w Nastolatek 2nd聽runner up- Emilia Raduszewska
Miss Beskid贸w Nastolatek 3rd聽runner up- Karolina Majcherczyk
Miss Beskid贸w Nastolatek 4th聽runner up- Maria Buczkowska
Mister Beskid贸w 2021 – Roman Muzyka
Mister Beskid贸w 1st runner up- Kuba Dyda
Mister Beskid贸w 2nd聽runner up- Prashant Sharma
Mister Beskid贸w 3rd聽runner up- Kuba Krzywda
Mister Beskid贸w 4th聽runner up- Dominik Kaczmarczyk
All the runner ups and winners qualified to the Miss Poland, Miss Teen Poland and Mister Poland Semifinals.聽
Kasia Cie艣lik, Martyna Wala and Anna 艢limok – received Golden Tickets which also qualify them to the Semifinals.

Intense practice with our youngest & and Jury meeting with our Mister Beskid贸w 2021 finalists

15 June 2021

Miss & Mister Beskid贸w 2021 finale

11 June 2021
Special guests:
馃憫Anna- Maria Jaromin – 聽Miss Polski, Miss Beskid贸w 2018, Poland’s representative and this years Miss Supranational (finale in august)
馃憫聽Anita Szewczyk – Miss Beskid贸w Nastolatek 2020, Miss Polski Nastolatek 2020 finalist
馃憫Wiktoria Fober- Miss Beskid贸w 2020
馃弳Jakub Hazuka – Mister Beskid贸w 2020
Grabowska Models is the oldest regional organizer of beauty pageants in Poland. In our agency we have many winners not only in Poland’s pageants but in the world as well. Some of them are :
馃憫Anna – Maria Jaromin – Miss Beskid贸w 2018, MISS POLSKI 2020 @aniajaromin
馃憫Magdalena Kasiborska – Miss Beskid贸w 2019, MISS POLSKI 2019 @magdalena_kasiborska
馃憫Klaudia Kucharska – Miss Beskid贸w Nastolatek 2015, MISS POLSKI NASTOLATEK 2017 @kucharskaklaudia
馃憫Klaudia Matlak – Miss Beskid贸w 2007, II vice Mrs. Poland 2014, I vice MRS World 2016 w Chinach @claudiamb247
馃憫Joanna Sendecka – IV vice MRS. World 2014 w USA @joannasendecka
馃憫Katarzyna Kwa艣ny – I vice Miss Bride of the World w Chinach @kasia.knopek
You will find more information abut the agency and the pageants on our website聽www.grabowskamodels.pl

Vote for Mister Beskid贸w Social MEdia

09 June 2021
Who will win the Mister Beskid贸w SOCIAL MEDIA title聽馃摬馃弳
The finalist with post likes under his picture of FB Grabowska Models till聽16.06 (wed) 3.00 P.M WINS聽鉂楋笍
馃摳 gmfotografia.pl

Mister Poland’s finale

07 June 2021
Today is the Mister Poland’s big FINALE ! 聽鉂楋笍
Good luck to our Grabowska Models representative, 聽Mister Beskid贸w聽 2nd runner up- Adrian Lach馃挭
Watch it live at 8.00 P.M on 聽“Mister Polski.”馃弳聽YT channel

Adrian Lach, Mister Beskid贸w 2nd runner up , Mister Poland finalist for Ozonee馃憣

03 May 2021

Casting to Mister Beskid贸w

02 May 2021
Last two weeks to sign up.
Fill out the Casting form on our website www.grabowskamodels.pl聽聽鉂楋笍
We will meet in person on may 15th.

Two models from our agency qualified to the Mister Poland finale !

02 March 2021
鉁旓笍 @doriannonnabachon 聽Mister Beskid贸w聽2020 1st runner up
鉁旓笍 Adrian Lach @l.adriano01 Mister Beskid贸w 2020 2nd runner up

Mister Beskid贸w 2020, Jakub Hazuka for Ozonee

27 January 2021

Dorian ( Mister Beskid贸w 1st runner up, Mister Polski 2020 semifinalist) for Asgard Jewellery鉂楋笍馃摳

17 December 2020

Mister Poland casting

13 December 2020

Fianlists- Kuba, Dorian, Adrian & Mateusz

Dorian w obiektywie Dawida Sternala 馃摳

04 November 2020

Dorian Nonna – Bacho艅 – I vice Mister Beskid贸w 2020

Our Mister Beskid贸w 1st runner up- Dorian Nonna-Bacho艅 visited the Orphanage and brought beautiful gifts for the kids

07 October 2020

Miss & Mister Beskid贸w 2020

04 September 2020
馃憫Miss Beskid贸w 2020 馃憫 Wiktoria Fober
I Vice Miss Beskid贸w 2020 馃憫 Wiktoria Wolczyk
II VIce Miss Beskid贸w 2020 馃憫 Weronika Krawczyk
III Vice MIss Beskid贸w 2020 馃憫Hanna Cie艣lar
IV Vice Miss Beskid贸w 2020 馃憫 Agata Korna艣
Mister Beskid贸w 2020- Jakub Hazuka
I vice Mister Beskid贸w 2020 – Dorian Nonna- Bacho艅
II vice Mister Beskid贸w 2020 – Adrian Lach
III vice Mister Beskid贸w 2020 – Mateusz Guga
IV vice Mister Beskid贸w 2020 – Wojciech Felsch
Zielone karty – Sebastian Kubik, Grzegorz Pociennik i Konrad Ry艣
Special Guests:
馃憫 Magdalena Kasiborska – Miss Beskid贸w 2019/ Miss POLSKI 2019
馃憫 Anita Szewczyk – Miss Beskid贸w Nastolatek 2020
Bartosz Gwiazda – I vice Mister Beskid贸w / pe艂ni膮cy obowi膮zki Mistera Beskid贸w 2019
馃憫 Anna Maria Jaromin- Miss Beskid贸w 2018, reprezentantka Polski na finale konkursu Miss Globe 2019 w Albanii
馃憫 Roksana Pietraszko – Queen of Poland 2019
馃憫 Martyna Wala – Miss Beskid贸w Nastolatek 2019/ finalistka Miss Polski Nastolatek 2019
馃憫 Klaudia Kucharska – Miss Beskid贸w Nastolatek 2015/ Miss Polski Nastolatek 2017
BCK – Bielskie Centrum Kultury Dom Muzyki
Foto: Grzegorz Moskal Fotografia, GM Fotografia.pl
Miss Polski, Mister Polski

1 day till the Miss & Mister Beskid贸w 2020 finale

03 September 2020
1锔忊儯 day
Another bussy day before tomorrow big Finale of聽Miss & Mistera Beskid贸w 2020!
Today our contestants had a meeting with the judges who will pick tomorrow’s winners in聽BCK – Bielskie Centrum Kultury Dom Muzyki