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12 April 2023
Today we are starting the Miss Beskidów Nastolatek Social Media voting.📲
Finalist with most likes under their picture on FB & IG Grabowska Models wins❗️
📆Voting ends on april 22nd at. 12.00.⏳

Zuzanna Balonek, Miss Beskidów Nastolatek 2022 by Magdalena Dyrda Fotografia

16 August 2022

Miss & Mister Beskidów 2021 Gala

20 June 2021
On June 19th the finale of Miss Beskidów, Miss Beskidów Nastolatek & Mister Beskidów took place.  
Special Guest during the Gala Ania Jaromin – Miss Polski 2020, Miss Beskidów 2018, this years Poland’s  representative in the  Miss Supranational finale, that will take place in August.
Pageant results:
Miss Beskidów – Kathrin Januszewska
Miss Beskidów 1st runner up – Justyna Kokoszka
Miss Beskidów 2nd runner up- Monika Kacprzyk
Miss Beskidów 3rd runner up- Agnieszka Jopek
Miss Beskidów 4th runner up- Oliwia Lach
Miss Beskidów Nastolatek – Martyna Kasprzycka
Miss Beskidów Nastolatek 1st runner up – Basia Stępień
Miss Beskidów Nastolatek 2nd runner up- Emilia Raduszewska
Miss Beskidów Nastolatek 3rd runner up- Karolina Majcherczyk
Miss Beskidów Nastolatek 4th runner up- Maria Buczkowska
Mister Beskidów 2021 – Roman Muzyka
Mister Beskidów 1st runner up- Kuba Dyda
Mister Beskidów 2nd runner up- Prashant Sharma
Mister Beskidów 3rd runner up- Kuba Krzywda
Mister Beskidów 4th runner up- Dominik Kaczmarczyk
All the runner ups and winners qualified to the Miss Poland, Miss Teen Poland and Mister Poland Semifinals. 
Kasia Cieślik,  Martyna Wala and Anna Ślimok – received Golden Tickets which also qualify them to the Semifinals.

Miss Beskidów, Miss Beskidów Nastolatek finalists meeting with the Jury

17 June 2021
This years finalists presented their passions and talents such as ; singing, dancing, acrobatics, judo, karate, drawing, playing the piano and many more.
This years finalists are very talented, full of passion and interests.
Who will win?
We’ll find out this saturday in Klub Klimat where the finale will take place.
Guests special in the JURY squad Anita Szewczyk (Miss Beskidów Nastolatek 2020) & Wiktoria Fober (Miss Beskidów 2020).

Miss & Mister Beskidów 2021 finale

11 June 2021
Special guests:
👑Anna- Maria Jaromin –  Miss Polski, Miss Beskidów 2018, Poland’s representative and this years Miss Supranational (finale in august)
👑 Anita Szewczyk – Miss Beskidów Nastolatek 2020, Miss Polski Nastolatek 2020 finalist
👑Wiktoria Fober- Miss Beskidów 2020
🏆Jakub Hazuka – Mister Beskidów 2020
Grabowska Models is the oldest regional organizer of beauty pageants in Poland. In our agency we have many winners not only in Poland’s pageants but in the world as well. Some of them are :
👑Anna – Maria Jaromin – Miss Beskidów 2018, MISS POLSKI 2020 @aniajaromin
👑Magdalena Kasiborska – Miss Beskidów 2019, MISS POLSKI 2019 @magdalena_kasiborska
👑Klaudia Kucharska – Miss Beskidów Nastolatek 2015, MISS POLSKI NASTOLATEK 2017 @kucharskaklaudia
👑Klaudia Matlak – Miss Beskidów 2007, II vice Mrs. Poland 2014, I vice MRS World 2016 w Chinach @claudiamb247
👑Joanna Sendecka – IV vice MRS. World 2014 w USA @joannasendecka
👑Katarzyna Kwaśny – I vice Miss Bride of the World w Chinach @kasia.knopek
You will find more information abut the agency and the pageants on our website www.grabowskamodels.pl

Vote for Miss Beskidów Nastolate SOCIAL MEDIA

26 May 2021
Who will win the Miss Beskidów Nastolatek SOCIAL MEDIA title 📲🏆
The finalist with post likes under his picture of FB Grabowska Models till 2.06 (wed) 3.00 P.M WINS ❗️
📸 gmfotografia.pl

Each Gala is a special show

14 May 2021

We try to make each Gala an exciting and unforgettable spectacle on a variety of topics: country, cabaret, musical, space, etc. On the day of the final gala we meet with the participants in the morning and have the general rehearsal, after which we invite  them to a meal together. After that we have some time to relaks before the finale.. During this time, the finalists are prepared by professional hairdressers, make-up artist and stylists. The Final Gala ends with a meeting of participants and organizers for the afterparty.

Casting Calls to Miss Beskidów

14 May 2021

During castings, the final group is selected. The jury consists of successful finalists from earlier years, organizers and partners. With selected finalists, a very intense period of preparation for the grand final of the Competition begins. During this time, classes are held with a choreographer who prepares all dance and show presentations. We teach self-presentation, interpersonal communication. Photo sessions, classes with stylists, make-up artists and many more. This is generally done during grouping. There are organized trips, integration classes during which everyone has the opportunity to get to know each other better. Before the finale of the competition, there are discussions with the Jurors.


14 May 2021

Beauty pageants in our region are held every year under the auspices of the Mayor of Bielsko Biała. Miss Beskidów pageants  from the beginning are organized in accordance with the idea of “BEAUTY IN THE NAME OF GOOD.” Every year we visit with gifts children in children’s homes, in the Pediatric Hospital in the department of Hematology in Bielsko-Biala, and we support Bielsko Hospice and participate in the WOŚP charity action. Finalists participate in charitable events with great commitment. We pay special attention to presentations of talents and skills such as singing, dancing, horse riding, sporting successes. Miss Talent is always selected during the pageant.

We invite You to vote for our beautiful @Julia Chluba !

13 January 2021
You can watch the finale of Miss Teen Polski 2020 in Super Polsat at. 8.00 P.M❗️

Merry Christmas !

24 December 2020

Anita Szewczyk – Miss Beskidów Nastolatek 2020

03 December 2020
,,Jeśli Twoje marzenia Cię nie przerażają, to znaczy, że są za małe…”
😘 Miss Beskidów Nastolatek / półfinalistka Miss Polskie Nastolatek 2020 – Anita Szewczyk
Fotograf Ł & S Wedding Photography

The official list of semifinalists in the Miss Poland and Miss Teen Poland 2020 beauty pageants

02 December 2020
 Miss Polski 2020
@Wiktoria Fober
@Julia Żurek
@Anna- Maria Jaromin
 Miss Teen Poland 2020
@Anita Szewczyk
@Paulina Porwoł
@Julia Jachimek
@Julia Chluba
Gratulacje dziewczyny !

The finale of Miss Beskidów Nastolatek 2020

25 July 2020
The finale of this years Miss Beskidów Nastolatek took place in Hotelu  Dębowiec. The  special guests invited were  Magdalena Kasiborska ( Miss Polski & Miss Beskidów 2019) and Ania Jaromin (Miss Beskidów 2018, Polands representative at the   Miss Globe 2019 pageant).  The presenters at the Gala were Martyna Wala – Miss Beskidów Nastolatek 2019 and Bartek Gwiazda Mister Beskidów 2019 1st runner up.
Miss Beskidów Nastolatek – Anita Szewczyk 🔥🏆👑
1st runner up – Paulina Porwoł 🏆👑
2nd runner up – Julka Jachimek 🏆👑
3rd runner up – Julia Chluba 🏆👑
4th runner up – Paulina Wróbel 🏆👑
Miss Internetu – Asia Filek
Miss Beauty – Anita Szewczyk
Miss Foto Beskidów Nastolatek – Julia Chluba
Miss Multicoolty- Julia Chluba
Miss Cardio Bunny- Sylwia Kolasa
Miss Vanilla Body Shop – Paulina Porwoł
Miss Lulu Design- Paulina Porwoł
Miss Wizji- Paulina Wróbel
Miss Publiczności -Paulina Porwoł
Miss Talent – Ola Mąka
Miss Top Model- Martyna Młocek
Congratulations ‼️
📸 Grzegorz Moskal Fotografia