Charity Work 2023-12-05T11:59:19+02:00

For over 30 years Grabowska Models has been helping the less fortunate.

When organising beauty pageants we try to teach the young people that the most important thing is not how You look, but how You treat others. Thats why we try to open their eyes and show them that there are some people not as fortunate as they are. We always visit the orphanage with the finalists, and bring some presents. That way they see that a simple gift, conversation, or simply playing with the children bring lots of joy and happiness. Some people don’t realise how simple things can help.

We also work with the Drachma Foundation, their proteges walked with our models during several Drachma Charity Balls. It’s a great experience for them as well as our models.

For several years we have been making calendars to financially support various causes such as sick children, animal shelters & many more.

Each year we’ve been supporting the WOŚP. We take part in charity fashion shows and we donate calendars for the auction during this big event.

For over 15 years we’ve been organising a charity fashion show called Pokaz Ludzi Wielkiego Serca. It’s a very different & unique fashion show. People taking part in this show are famous, and popular people form the world of business, medicine, politics, culture, singers and many more. Each year the money raised from this charity Fashion Show is given to the Children from the Orphanage in Olszówka.