What’s new wit Miss Polski 2020 – Anna -Maria Jaromin?

27 April 2021

I’ve been keeping very bussy the last couple of months. Staying very active riding horses, and rollerskating was my priority. Ofcourse there was time for work and photoshoots which effects You will see soon.

Miss Podbeskidzia 1992 _ Elżbieta Dziech

05 April 2021

29 years have passed since   I stood on the stage at the Bielskie Centrum Kultury as Miss Podbeskidzia 92. To this day, With a smile on my face, I remember these moments and all the kind and cordial people I met at the time. The road, which began on the  stage in Bielsko, took me all the way to distant Japan, where I participated, as the Miss Poland 92, in the Miss International competition.
From those days remained only memories today …
When I’m not teaching English I love to  travel around exotic corners of the world, it’s still my greatest passion. However family is my numer one. I have a wonderful husband Darek,  and  – three wonderful children (Bartek, Magda and Philip). They are my greatest treasure, and the family we create the greatest happiness and satisfaction.”
– Ela

Year 1990

29 March 2021

Year 1990 📸👑 The second edition of the beauty pageant in our region organised by Grabowska Models👑 Lucyna Grabowska- Górecka ( owner of Grabowska Models, organiser of the beauty pageants for the past 33 years ) with Bronisław Cieślak as hosts 😊📸

Magdalena will be representing us at the Miss Universe pageant !

07 March 2021

Miss Beskidów 2019, Miss Polski 2019 – Magdalena Kasiborska for Viola.Piekut ❤️👑

20 February 2021

❤Happy Valentine’s Day

14 February 2021

See the interview with our Miss Poland 2019 and Miss Poland 2020

03 February 2021
👑 Anna- Maria Jaromin – Miss Polski 2020/Miss Beskidów 2018
👑 Magdalena Kasiborska – Miss Polski 2019/ Miss Beskidów 2019

👑Anna-Maria Jaromin – Miss Polski 2020 on the cover of Tele Świat

25 January 2021

The history of Miss Beskidów & Miss Podbeskiedzia

25 January 2021
We invite You to the new Miss Beskidów fan page, where we go back in time to the year 1989, when for the first time our agency organised the Miss Podbeskidzia beauty pageant.  After the year 2000 we changed the name of the pageant to Miss Beskidów and thats how it stayed till this day.
* Below are a couple of pictures from the Miss Podbeskidzia 1990 finale. Miss Podbeskidzia 1990 –  Agnieszka Duda❗️📸
👑 Miss Polski

We invite You to our new Miss Beskidów fanpage

19 January 2021

Let’s go back in time 32 years…
It was then that the first beauty pageant competition took place in our region, invariably organized by Grabowska Models agency (@Lucyna Grabowska -Górecka)👑
Then the contest was called Miss Podbeskidzia, and in 2000 the name was changed to Miss Beskidów and it stayed like this till this day 😉 If you are curious and want to see what the first competitions looked like, we invite you to follow our new FB. We will go back in time and show you a large piece of history related to the Miss Podbeskidzia/ Miss Beskidów competition as part of the national Miss Polonia/ Miss Poland beauty pageants 👑
Thus, we encourage you to share our fanpaga with people who are interested in the beauty pageant theam😍

Miss Poland 2020 finale

17 January 2021

It was a historical evening for us – Miss Poland 2020

17 January 2021
It was a historical evening for us ! Our beautiful Magdalena Kasiborska- Miss Poland 2019/ Miss Beskidów 2019 passed on her title to the next Miss Poland winner. 👑MISS POLAND 2020 winner is our representative 
Ania Jaromin/ Miss Beskidów 2018 🥰👏❤️
Congratulations ❗️
📸 Igor Drozdowski Photography

Miss Poland 2020 – Magdalena Kasiborska

16 January 2021

Suddenly, we’re all getting ready to welcome the 2021. How was the passing year for me?  It was unique in every way, which does not mean that it shimmered only with bright colors. Just as it was a pleasant surprise for me to win the title of Miss Poland, the world pandemic put on hold most of my plans for duties and ideas for achieving all my goals. I have certainly found that inclement encounters with other people, time can affect even greater willingness to help those who really need it.❤️In addition to the actions organized by institutions asking me for support, I decided to initiate a series of actions to support individuals and families, for whom it is a huge challenge to deal with the difficulties of everyday life. It is impossible to name all those who have devoted their time to the realization of my ideas. With all my heart I thank them all!
It became ambiguous to use the word KORONA… From this year it will not  associated with just the title of Miss Poland, but the fight for what is most valuable to all of us- HEALTH. Despite the unfavorable situation, I had the opportunity to go to Chicago. There I gained even more confidence, which I try to translate into every sphere of my life.
I am grateful that Miss Poland last year was held among the closest people, friends and audience.❤️
I wish all the candidates competing in this year’s contest self-confidence, and my successor perseverance and creativity in a world where many things and situations have been overvalued. I can safely say that I feel fulfilled in terms of my year of reign, but even after handing over the crown to the future Miss Poland I will continue my mission.❤️Now I know that winning this title is a great challenge and responsibility.👑.Once again, thank you to everyone who helped me in implementing my plans during this difficult time.❤️❤️❤️

Happy Birthday Magdalena !

15 January 2021

Wszystkiego Najlepszego w Dniu Urodzin ❗️🎂

Happy Birthday to Magdalena Kasiborska-Miss Beskidów 2019, Miss Poland 2019 and Poland’s representative at the next Miss Universe pageant in USA🤗

Happy Birthday to our Magdalena Kasiborska – Miss Beskidów 2019, Miss Polski 2019 oraz oficjalna reprezentantka Polski w tegorocznej edycji konkursu Miss UNIVERSE w USA🤗❗️🎂

15 January 2021

Let’s start the Miss Poland & Miss Teen Poland 2020 grouping

07 January 2021
Our agency is represented by:
👑@Anita Szewczyk -Miss Beskidów Nastolatek 2020
👑@Paulina Porwoł – I vice Miss Beskidów Nastolatek 2020
👑@Julia Jachimek – II vice Miss Beskidów Nastolatek 2020
👑@Julia Chluba – III vice Miss Beskidów Nastolatek 2020
👑Ania Jaromin – Miss Beskidów 2018

Anna- Maria Jaromin for WOŚP

03 January 2021