Another success in our agency

08 October 2023

👑 On October 6th , the finale of  Foto Models Poland 2023 competition took place in Africa. 👑
Our models won  3 titles, including the main title 👑of Foto Models Poland 2023 went to Michalina Siewier, who graduated from Modeling Camp in August and joined the agency ❗️
👑Foto Models Attraction Paris – Marta Gancarczyk
👑Summer Foto Models Poland 2023- Viktorie Urbanová
Once again, big congratulations❗️
In total, Grabowska Models Agency was represented by as many as 6 models. 👑
👑 Karolina Majcherczyk – Miss Beskidów 2023
👑 Martyna Binda – Miss Beskidów 2023 2nd runner up
👑 Karolina Białoń – Miss Beskidów Teenager 2023
👑 Viktorie Urbanová –  Miss Beskydy Teenager 2023 1st runner up
Graduates of the August Modeling Camp at the Grabowska Models Model School
Marta Gancarczyk and Michalina Siewier
Organizer of the Maxima Models, Queen of Poland, Foto Models Poland competitions. Anna Maxima-Models
The broadcast of the week-long stay of the finalists will soon air in TV POLSAT.

Do you want to join us and make your dreams come true ❓
Registration for the next edition of the Modeling Camp at Szkoła Modelek Grabowska Models has started!️
We invite everyone who wants to gain self-confidence, learn the secrets of modeling, and acquire skills that will help you in the modeling industry. During the classes, you will meet the finalists of the Miss and Mister competitions, who are conquering the world of modeling in Poland and abroad.
*Classes are conducted by experts in their field.
* Possibility of cooperation with Grabowska Models
Learn more⬇️
📲512 226 366 or 502 596 669
📩[email protected]
📩[email protected]


Preparations before Foto Models Poland 2023 finale in Africa

06 October 2023

👑Tomorrow is the finale of  Foto Models Poland 2023 👑 beauty pageant. In addition to intensive preparations for the Final Gala, the finalists had many sessions in unusual places, rode on quads, had water attractions and visited Djerbahood where they had recordings of business cards for Polsat❤️ TV
We keep our fingers crossed for our representatives:
👑 Karolina Majcherczyk – Miss Beskidów 2023
👑 Martyna Binda –  Miss Beskidów 2023 2nd runner up
👑 Karolina Białoń – Miss Beskidów Teenager 2023
👑 Viktorie Urbanová – Miss Beskydy Teenager 2023 1st runner up
Graduates of the Grabowska Models School of Models:
Marta Gancarczyk and Michalina Siewier
Organiser – Maxima Models, Queen of Poland, Foto Models Poland competitions. Anna Maxima-Models
The coverage of the finalists’ week-long stay is recorded by POLSAT TV.

Tomorrow 6 of our models will fly to Africa for the finale of Foto Models Poland 2023

30 September 2023

You can watch a material from their stay on Grabowska Models FB and IG Grabowska Models.
Organiser – Maxima Models, Queen of Poland, Foto Models Poland competitions. Anna Maxima-Models
Good Luck 🔥👍

2 of our models will represent us in MISS TOURISM WORLD 2023

26 September 2023

We are pleased to announce that in the finals of the Miss Tourism World 2023 🇨🇳 competition, TWO Grabowska Models❗️ will perform
🇵🇱 Zuzanna Balonek – Miss Beskidów Teenager 2022, Amber Miss Polish 2023
🇨🇿 Karolína Gorylová – Queen of Poland 2023
They will fly to Shanghai ✈️ in a few weeks
The final of the competition on November ❗️ 19
Keep your fingers crossed❗️👑
✨ @grabowskamodels
National Director: @Katarína Szederová Ficelová @blackwhite_productions

Queen of Poland 2023 in Polsat TV

26 August 2023

Who watched the final of the Queen of Poland 2023  in POLSAT ❓ ?The winner of the beauty pageant, a beautiful – Karolína Gorylová form Grabowska Models?Organizer of the competition Maxima Models, Queen of Poland, Foto Models Poland.

Bursztynowa Miss Polskie 2023 finale in Krynica Morska

19 August 2023

Exactly a week ago, 12 finalists presented themselves on the stage in Krynica Morska during the twentieth edition of the  Miss Amber Poland beauty pageant ? 
Out of 10 titles, 6 went to the representatives of the Grabowska Models agency! !️
?The most important title of Miss Amber Poland 2023 went to Zuzanna Balonek
? Miss Amber Poland 1st runner up  – Natalia Mastela Hernandez
?Miss Angel Foundation Poland was awarded – Karolina Majcherczyk
?Miss Muzalewska Fashion – Zuzanna Balonek
?Miss Audience was awarded by the audience – Zuzanna Balonek
?Miss N’Shine – Susan Balonek
We are proud of our girls ❤️

? Martyna Binda Miss Beskidów 2023 2nd runer up by Marcin Lesiuk Fotografia ?

17 August 2023

Our representatives at Bursztynowa Miss Polski 2023 beauty pageant? ?

12 August 2023

Barcelona ? Karolina realizing her prize for the victory in the Miss Beskidów Teen 2023 beauty pageant

26 June 2023

Miss Beskidów & Miss Beskidów Nastolatek in the newest Anna Drabczyńska collection

22 June 2023

Beata Bojda’s fashion show at the 35 th Miss i Mistera Beskidów 2023 Gala

17 June 2023

Karolína Gorylová – Queen of Poland 2023 & Magdalena Kasiborska – Miss Polski 2019 at the photoshoot to the new MS Moda 2024 catalogue ???‍♀️

11 June 2023

35th Miss & Mister Beskidów Gala

09 June 2023

On May 27, the 35th Miss and Mister Beskidy 2023 Gala took place at the Maria Koterbska Bielskie Cultural Center. The Gala was attended by invited special guests winners of the Miss Beskidy / Podbeskidzie competitions, Mister Beskidy and Miss Beskidy Teen from previous years since 1989. The Gala was also attended by Rafał Maślak (Mister Polish 2014), Karolín Gorylová (Queen of Poland 2023), Jadwiga Flank (Miss Polonia 1994), Joanna Sendecka vice Mrs World 2014, Klaudia Matlak vice Mrs World 2016, Magdalena Kasiborska – Miss Polish 2019, Ania Jaromin (Miss Polish 2020) and many other crowned heads. Thanks to the generosity of sponsors, Miss Beskidy 2023 received a 7-day stay in the Villa of the Residence Ravai Hotel in Thailand funded by the Żywiecki Medical SPA & Sport Hotel and Studies at the Józef Tyszkiewicz University in Bielsko-Biała. Miss Beskidy Teen received a voucher for a trip Italy, Spain, Cote d’Azur funded by the Master Tur Tourism Office. Mister Beskidy received a set of the Japanese company Makita from Instalpunkt Maszyny Budowlane, rental, sale, service and a voucher worth PLN 2,000 from Pako Lorente Polska. In addition, our finalists received many prizes, weekend trips, cosmetics, jewelry, sports and swimwear.
We would like to thank all the sponsors without whom this Gala could not take place.

Competition results:

?Miss Beskidów – Karolina Majcherczyk
I wicemiss – Arina Prihodko
II wicemiss – Martyna Binda
III wicemiss – Natalia Mastela Hernandez
IV wicemiss – Anita Szewczyk
?Miss Beskidów Nastolatek – Karolina Białoń
I wicemiss – Victoria Urbanova
II wicemiss – Martyna Pawlik
III wicemiss – Dobrawa Dziubek
IV wicemiss – Magdalena Dobija
?Mister Beskidów – Łukasz Skoczeń
I wicemister – Krzysztof Arciszewski
II wicemister – Artur Cholewka
Other titles:
Miss Maromi Hair 2023 #4 Martyna Binda
Miss Hotelu Żywiecki 2023 #7 Karolina Majcherczyk
Miss Kroniki Beskidzkiej 2023 #5 Magdalena Nowak
Miss meLove 2023 #6 Anita Szewczyk
Miss Lulu Design 2023 #6 Anita Szewczyk
Miss Multicoolty 2023 #3 Arina Prihodko
Miss Tkalni Urody 2023 #4 Maryna Binda
Miss Friendly 2023 – #10 Marta Momot
Miss Inter- Welm 2023 #10 Marta Momot
Miss Holistic Care 2023 #3 Arina Prihodko
Mister Pako Lorente 2023 #4 Łukasz Skoczeń
Miss Lucky Swim 2023 #13 Karolina Białoń
Mister Lorin by Reviver 2023 – #3 Artur Cholewka
Miss Beskidów Social Media 2023 – #1 Natalia Mastela Hernandez
Miss Beskidów Nastolatek Social Media 2023 # 20 Joanna Wala
Mister Beskidów Social Media #5 Patryk Czepiel
Miss Beskidów Foto 2023 – #3 Arina Prihodko
Miss Beskidów Nastolatek Foto 2023 – #13 Karolina Białoń
Mister Beskidów Foto 2023 – #4 Łukasz Skoczeń
Miss Beskidów Internautów 2023 # 20 Joanna Wala
Mister Beskidów Internautów 2023 #5 Patryk Czepiel
Mister Zepter 2023 #1 Krzysztof Arciszewski
Miss Talent (Nastolatek)- #15 Martyna Pawlik
Miss Talent – #1 Natalia Mastela – Hernandez
Mister Fitness – #2 Michał Dryja
Miss Fitness – #2 Serafima Levchenko
Miss Beskidów Publiczności 2023 #3 Arina Prihodko
Miss Beskidów Nastolatek Publiczności 2023 Viktoria Urbanova
Mister Beskidów Publiczności 2023 Krzysztof Arciszewski

Miss Beskidów finalists in the new Lulu Design collection

06 June 2023

Afterparty at the 35 th Jubileuszowa Gala Miss i Mistera Beskidów 2023?

02 June 2023

Miss i Mister Beskidów 2023

30 May 2023

26 May 2023

Tomorrow is the grand finale during the 35th Miss and Mister Beskidy 2023 Gala. Our motto is “Beauty in the Name of Good” for years, which is why our finalists and finalists worked for charity throughout the preparation for the competition and more. Today Anita Szewczyk, Arina Prihodko and Łukasz Skoczeń were as a delegation of the whole group in the Children’s Home. They brought a lot of sweets, coloring books, mascots and 20 vouchers to the cinema, spent time with them, playing various games and activities. The children thanked them and prepared a beautiful card for them

Special guest Rafał Maślak

24 May 2023

We are happy to announce that the JURY of the 35th Miss and Mister Beskidy 2023 will include our special guest, Rafał Maślak. 
He gained popularity with the titles MISTER POLSKI 2014, MISTER INTERNATIONAL INTERNET USERS IN 2014, III VICE MISTER INTERNATIONAL 2014 (South Korea). He appeared in the biggest and most popular programs on Polish television, Dance Dance Dance, Ninja Warrior, Dancing with the Stars. DANCING WITH THE STARS, Agent – Stars, ATTENTION – BEHIND THE SCENES OF FAME, Hells Kitchen : Hell’s Kitchen, FORT BOYARD and many others. In 2017, he became a juror of the first Polish edition of the #SUPERMODELKA PLUS SIZE program, for which he would be nominated for the TELEKAMERA TELE TYGODNIA 2018. In 2015, Polsat Cafe hosted the program DATE WITH BUTTERMILK. He had his own series MISTERNY PLAN W Dzień Dobry TVN.
The videos he publishes in social media are very popular in Poland and abroad.

Another success at Grabowska Models Karolína Gorylová, won the QUEEN OF POLAND 2023 pageant??

18 May 2023

Queen of Poland 2023 big finale !

17 May 2023

We keep our fingers crossed for the beautiful representative of Grabowska Models – Karolína Gorylová❗️? Today we will find out which of the finalists will be Queen from Poland 2023, during the 20th Jubilee Gala of the competition organized by Maxima Models, Queen of Poland, Foto Models Poland. Good luck❗️