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For over 37 years Grabowska Models has been working with young talents. We work on preparing them for the world of beauty pageants, and  modeling . We teach everything there is to know in order to become a successful model or  beauty pageant contestant. We strive to develop faith in their own abilities, strengths, weaknesses, natural beauty, change for the better & help achieve their goals and dreams.
❗️Winter MODELING CAMP at Szkoła Modelek Grabowska Models ❗️

We invite everyone who wants to gain self-confidence, learn the secrets of modeling, and acquire skills that will help you in the modeling industry. During the classes, you will meet the finalists of the Miss and Mister competitions, who conquer the world of modeling in Poland and abroad.

Modeling Camp includes:
-Self-presentation classes
-Makeup & Body care lesson
-Interpersonal communication classes
-TV workshops / interviews – TV
-Posing in front of the camera
-Meeting with the winners of beauty contests
-Meeting with a trichologist
-Meeting with a psychologist talking about self esteem and hate
-Modeling workshops end with a professional fashion show.                             -Each person receives a diploma that they finished the modeling workshops   -Individual photoshoot and Polaroid shoot with professional makeup  

*Classes are conducted by specialists, experienced in their field.
? Classes will take place at Hotel Szyndzielnia in Bielsko-Biała.              

*For Modeling Camp participants, a discount on accommodation at the Szyndzielnia Hotel
* Possibility of cooperation with Grabowska Models

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Limited number of places – registration on a first-come, first-served basis?
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