Konrad Cupiał

3. Konrad CUPIAŁ/@konrad_cupial

Lives in Oświęcim. He studies  Electrical Engineer – Automation. He currently lives and works in Cracow.
His zodiac sign is cancer.
He loves lasagna. He relaxes while  bowling. His hobbies include  gym, tennis, movies and good music. He loves bodybuilding and tennis.
Spending time with his family gives him happiness, he’s most afraid of losing his loved ones. 
For the question – What is the  hardest thing in life” He answered “to please everyone that he would like to satisfy .”
Photo: @fotografgwiazd

Outfit: @guns_and_tuxedos Hairstyles: @jagahupalo Make-up: @mokotowskamakeupacademy ——————
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🔥Konrad Cupiał- Mister Beskidów 2018, will be representing us in the finale of Mister Poland of 9.01.🔥