Luiza Szczerbowska – Miss Poland 2018 finalist

Today I had the chance to talk about how I stay active on MIss Polski instagram page. 👍🏻 Sport isn’ta stranger to me considering the fact that I come from an ice skating family, my parents were professional ice skaters and that’s how they met. My parents were the ones that took me to my first ice skating class which I was really grateful for.🙏🏻😍 Today I visited the ice skating rink in Oświęcim, my trainer and the kids that are starting just like me a couple of years ago. I changed my skates into dancing shoes. 💃Dance has become my biggest passion. Besides that I love animals and I ride horses. If You want to get to know me better I invite You to my Instagram page and Miss Polski’s Instagram👸🏼💖👑

Luiza Szczerbowska is our Miss Beskidów 2018 1st runner up, and will be representing us in the Miss Poland finale

Good luck, the big finale will take place on december 9th