07 April 2019

We have a very bussy spring ahead of us 鉂楋笍馃懓馃徎聽Our models will be a part of the International Wedding fairs and fashion shows in 聽鉁堬笍 Essen, Milan, Paris, Barcelona, Dusseldorf, Menchester & Warsaw.

Magdalena Kasiborska– Miss Beskid贸w 2019 finalist,
Katarzyna Berdychowska – Miss Beskid贸w 2012, 聽Miss Polski finalist,
Klaudia Matlak – Miss Beskid贸w 2007, 聽Mrs Bride of the World 1st runner up in 聽China 2014
Paulina Ma艣lanka – Miss Beskid贸w 2013 1st runner up, Miss Polski 2013 1st runner up & Miss Polski Internaut贸w
Martina CzeszakMiss Beskid贸w Nastolatek 2018, 聽Miss Teen Poland 2018 finalist
Natalia Rabaszowska – Top 10 Miss Teen Poland 2017
Justyna Najbor 馃憦鉁堬笍

Kasia, Paulina & Natalia at the European Bridal Week in Essen for MS Moda

02 April 2019

Grouping of the Miss Beskid贸w 2019 finalists

26 March 2019

We have some intense practices behind us before the Miss & Mister Beskid贸w 2019 gala, which will take place on may 24th. Big thank You to 聽Hotel 呕ywiecki Medical SPA & Sport聽for the opportunity to stay and prepare for the finale in this hotel with our Miss Beskid贸w finalists. During our stay we had a special guest visit us: Miss Beskid贸w 2018 & Miss Poland 2018 finalist-聽Ania Jaromin.

Make up -Cosmetology Students of Bielskiej Wy偶szej Szko艂y Tyszkiewicza


Our models for Anna Drabczy艅ska’s new collection

23 March 2019

How do You like it
馃摳 Grzegorz Moskal Fotografia

Julia, Ola & Klaudia at today’s skiing tournament “Puchar Reksia” in Bia艂ka Tatrza艅ska

17 March 2019

Kasia shooting for Alwero in Iceland

10 March 2019

Miss Beskid贸w 2013/ 聽Miss Polski finalist

Miss Bride of the World 1st runner up in China 2014

Another bussy weekend is behind us

06 March 2019

Another bussy weekend is behind us ! Another meeting during the Winter Modeling Workshops in Grabowska Models. This time our participants practiced their catwalk moves, Lucyna Grabowska talked about autopresentation, Konrad Cupia艂 Mister Beskid贸w 2018 visited us and talked 聽about his success in the pageant as well as his modeling experience. He also answered questions that our participants had. After the modeling workshops we had our first practice with the Mister Beskid贸w, Miss Beskid贸w & Miss Beskid贸w Nastolatek finalists.

The finale of Queen of Poland in Capo Verde

12 February 2019

The finale of Queen of Poland took place in Capo Verde, where two of our models聽Gosia Habdas聽&聽Klaudia Waleczek represented our agency馃尭馃摳
Gosia received the Miss Morabitur title馃憫
Take a look at how the finalists spend their time in Capo Verde

Part I


Part 2


Kasia shooting for Alwero in Iceland

07 February 2019


30 December 2018

Klaudia Kucharska – Miss Teen Poland passed on her title to 聽Zuzanna Poteraj.

The 30th edition of Miss Beskid贸w, to which all the previous Miss Beskid贸w were invited.

This years accomplishments in the agency:

Martina Czeszak – Miss Miss Beskid贸w Nastolatek 2018, 聽Miss Polski Nastolatek finalist 2018
Hania Siod艂ak – Miss Beskid贸w 2018 1st runner up, 聽Miss Polski Nastolatek finalist 2018
Livia Dobies – 聽Miss Polski Nastolatek finalist聽2018
Ania Jaromin- Miss Beskid贸w 2018, 聽Miss Polski finalist 2018
Luiza Szczerbowska- Miss Beskid贸w 2018 1st runner up, TOP 10 Miss Polski & Miss Polski Internetu 2018
Dominika Czudek – 聽Foto Models Poland 2018 finalist in Turkey
Klaudia Mrozi艅ska – Bursztynowa Miss Lata 2018 in Gniew
Karolina Chrobak – Bursztynowa Miss Lata in Mechelinki
Anna Odrzywolska – Bursztynowa Miss Lata 2018 in Chmielnie
Julia Kempka -Bursztynowa Miss Lata 2018 1st runner up in Chmielnie
Julia Owczarz – Miss Lata Faktu 2018 2nd runner up
Natalia B艂ahut – Bursztynowa Miss Polski 2018聽2nd runner up
Aleksandra Wyszomierska -Miss Cieszyna 聽1nd runner up
Gosia Habdas – Queen of Poland at Capo Verde聽(Queen of Morabitur)
Klaudia Waleczek – 聽Queen of Poland finalist at Capo Verde
Konrad Cupia艂- Mister Beskid贸w 2018 (Mister Polski finalist)
Mateusz Badowicz – (Mister Polski finalist)
The finale Mister Polski will take place on january 9th in Warsaw at the Capitol Theater.

Katarzyna Berdychowska, Klaudia Matlak, Paulina Ma艣lanka, Ania Jaromin, Justyna Najbor, Natalia Rabaszowska walked in fashion shows during wedding fairs in Barcelona, Paris, Milan, Essen, Dusseldorf & Warsaw. Natala Cach & Luiza Szczerbowska walked in fashion shows in Milan and 聽 Ola Wyszomierska in France. Katarzyna Kwa艣ny had a photo shoot in Iceland for Alwero.. Gabi Kwiatkowska & Karolina worked as hostesses at the Porche Carrera Cup in Germany. Over 50 of our hostesses worked at the International Trade Fair in Bielsko- Bia艂a. Our models took part in various fashion shows, photo shoots, and events such as: Trendy Hair Revolution, fashion show for Ash from Japan, V finale of Squasha Polska Kontra Reszta 艢wiata, Metamorfozy Nowe 呕ycie Mamy, Festiwal Go Wegan, Anny Drabczy艅ska Fashion Shows, Fashion Philosophy Fashion Week Poland, Fashion SHow of an Italian brand Fashion Boom International, Fashion show at the Christams at 聽Star贸wka, Wedding Fairs, Expo Fair in Krakow and many more.

Just like each year we made a charity calendar titled ” Don’t buy, adopt” for the temporary animal homes as well as the Reksio animal shelter. The 15th edition of the VIP Fashion Show ” Pokaz Ludzi Wielkiego Serca” took place in which all the important peaople such as doctors, politicians, artists, etc were a part of. The money raised was passed on to the orphanage and the hospice in Bielsko- Bia艂a.

For over 30 years in the southern part of Poland we ‘ve been organising 聽modeling workshops, for future models . This year we organised 3 workshops, which ended with a profesional fashion show, a diploma and an oportunity to be a part of our agency. Everyone that is interested in the next Winter Modeling Workshops can submit their application online at:


In experience write (Modeling Workshops 2019)

Thank You to all the companies, models, followers make up artists, photographers and many more that worked with us this year. We wish You a Happy New Year and all the best in the future.
Lucyna Grabowska-G贸recka & Sara Karcz

Miss Poland 2018 finale

10 December 2018

Congratulations to 聽Luizy Szczerbowska ( Miss Beskid贸w 2018 1st runner up), who qualified to 聽TOP 10 & received the 聽Miss Polski Internaut贸w 2018 title. Ania (Miss Beskid贸w 2018) also looked beautiful.

Photo – Grzegorz Moskal


The finale of Queen of Poland 2018

09 December 2018

Congratulations to Gosia, who received the Queen of Meridatour 2018 title

Miss Poland grouping 2018

07 December 2018

The Miss Poland grouping 2018 is slowly coming to an end聽鉂楋笍馃憫
A friendly reminder that the finale will be LIVE on channel Polsat 聽this sunday at 8.05 p.m馃槉聽Good luck to our representatives 聽#10 Ania Jaromin (Miss Beskid贸w 2018) & #23 Luiza Szczerbowska ( Miss Beskid贸w 2018 1st runner up)馃挋馃槝

Let’s help Luiza win !

04 December 2018
We are super excited to announce that Luiza has qualified to the top 10 Internet Voting for Miss Poland 2018. The voting will end on december 9th. As of now 馃憫Luiza Szczerbowska – Miss Polski 2018 finalist ( 聽Miss Beskid贸w 1st runner up 2018)馃憫聽is in the first place. The finalist with the highest percentage will automatically qualify to TOP 10 Miss Poland 2018. Let’s help her stay in the lead聽鉂わ笍
#g艂osowanie #wysy艂amySMSY #MissBeskid贸w #MissPolski #fina艂 #reprezentantka #grabowksamodels #walczymy

Queen of Poland 2018- Day 1

03 December 2018

Queen of Poland 2018 馃憫
First day in Capo Verde – Gosia Habdas聽&聽Klaudia Waleczek.

This years Grabowska Models 聽representatives馃槉
Organised by – Maxima Models, Queen of Poland, Foto Models Poland.

#10 Miss Beskid贸w聽Anna-Maria Jaromin – Miss Polski 2018 finalist

29 November 2018


Miss Beskid贸w聽Anna-Maria Jaromin – Finalistka Miss Polski 2018, Katowice, 20 lat

Fotograf: Marta Macha Photography
Suknia: Viola.Piekut
Makija偶: Mokotowska Make Up Academy
W艂osy: Zaremba International Academy
Miejsce: Restauracja i Hotel Mistral

Katowice, 20 years old

Photo: Marta Macha Photography
Dress: Viola.Piekut
Make up: Mokotowska Make Up Academy
Hair: Zaremba International Academy
Place: Restauracja i Hotel Mistral

The finale of Miss Poland 2018 will take place on december 9th. Live broadcast on channel聽POLSAT聽at 8.00 p.m.



# 23 Miss Beskid贸w 1st runner up Luiza Szczerbowska – Miss Poland 2018 finalist

29 November 2018

Miss Beskid贸w 1st runner up聽Luiza Szczerbowska – Finalistka Miss Polski 2018, O艣wi臋cim, 23 years old
Photo: Marta Macha Photography
Dress: Viola Piekut
Make up: Mokotowska Make Up Academy
Hair: Zaremba International Academy
Place: Restauracja i Hotel Mistral
The Miss Poland 2018 finale will take place on december 9th, the finale will be broadcasted LIVE on channel POLSAT聽
at 8.00 p.m.


Ka偶dy cz艂owiek niejedno ma oblicze. Ja r贸wnie偶 czuje, 偶e posiadam co najmniej dwie swoje ods艂ony. Pierwsza to dziewczyna mieszkaj膮ca na wsi, kochaj膮ca natur臋, zwierz臋ta, wolno艣膰 i spok贸j. Druga to osoba kochaj膮ca taniec, scen臋, blask reflektor贸w i wyst臋py przed publiczno艣ci膮. Prosto z pierwszego 艣wiata trafi臋 ju偶 wkr贸tce do tego drugiego. Ekscytacja, oczekiwanie, ciekawo艣膰 sprawiaj膮, 偶e wypatruj臋 ju偶 z niecierpliwo艣ci膮 9-go grudnia, kiedy to stan臋 jako jedna z finalistek Miss Polski na wielkiej scenie w Krynicy Zdr贸j. Trzymajcie za mnie kciuki!