Klaudia at the Make up Fair in Krakow

23 April 2018

Make- up – Wioletta Wypijewska

The most beautiful teen in Poland !

19 April 2018


Read about her…

Miss Beskidów 2018 practice

18 April 2018

This time Make up artist Beata Bojda, visited us. Her collection will be shown at the finale of  the Miss Beskidów & Miss Beskidów Nastolatek 2018 finale on may 20th

Klaudia was a special guest at the Miss Podkarpacia beauty pageant

22 March 2018

Miss Podkarpacia – Klaudia Pustkowska
Miss Podkarpacia Nastolatek- Karolina Zaworska


Klaudia on vacation around Spain & Italy that she won as the Miss Teen Poland 2017

16 August 2017

Grabowska Models 2016/2017 – beauty pageant awards

28 July 2017

1. Klaudia Kucharska – Miss Teen Poland 2017
2. Aleksandra Wyszomierska– Top 10 Miss Teen Poland 2017, Miss Południa Nastolatek 2017
3. Katarzyna Żydek –  Miss Poland 2017 finalist, Miss Beskidów 2017
4. Damian Trepka -Mister Poland 2017 finalist, Mister Beskidów 2017
5. Grzegorz Pawlak –  Mister Poland semi-finalist 2017, II vice Mister Beskidów 2017
6. Kathrin Januszewska–  Miss Bursztynowa Lata 2017 2nd runner up , Miss Teen Poland finalist 2017,  Miss Południa Nastolatek 2017 1st runner up
7. Wiktoria Kohut – Miss Teen Poland 2017 finalist , Miss Południa Nastolatek 2017 1st runner up
8. Marta Chłodek – IMiss Bursztynowa Lata 2017 1st runner up
9. Karolina Kobrzyńska – Miss Bursztynowa Lata 2017
10. Klaudia Matlak – Mrs. World 2016  1st runner up – China
11. Rafał Jonkisz – Mister Poland 2016,  Mister World 2016 finalist
12. Aneta Woźniak–  Queen of Poland 2016 Gran Canaria ( Queen Radia RMF Maxxx)
13. Paulina Rejniak – Queen of Poland 2016 Gran Canaria finalist , winner of
Fresh Faces Bielsko-Biała 2016, Fresh Faces Poland 2016 finalist, Fresh Faces Poland Foto 2016
14. Jacek Pawlus – winner of Fresh Faces Bielsko- Biała 2016,  Fresh Faces Poland 2016 finalist
15. Natalia Cach–  Miss Lata 2017 1st runner up, 2 miejsce Fresh Faces Bielsko- Biała 2016,  Fresh Faces Poland 2016 finalist
16. Valentyn Lupatsii – Fresh Faces Bielsko- Biała 2016 2nd runner up,  Fresh Faces Poland 2016 finalist
17. Aleksandra Koszyk –  Fresh Faces Poland 2016 finalist
18. Ewelina Szczęsny–  Fresh Faces Poland 2016 finalist
19. Dominika Czudek –  Fresh Faces Poland 2016 finalist, Fresh Faces Poland Internautów 2016
20. Nicola Trzaskaliková model –  Fresh Faces Poland 2016 finalist
21. Sara Skoupilove – Fresh Faces Poland 2016 finalist
22. Maciej Garbowski– Fresh Faces Poland 2016 finalist
23. Ada Rumiancew – Queen of Poland 2016 Gran Canaria finalist
24. Agnieszka Szubert – Queen of Poland 2016 Gran Canaria finalist
25. Ania Nowak – Queen of Poland 2016 Gran Canaria finalist
26. Łukasz Rzepczyński – Mister Beskidów 2016,  Mister Polski 2016 finalist
27. Patryk Ciućka– Mister Poland 2016 finalist, Mister Lata 2016
28. Alicja Tabaka – Miss Beskidów 2016, Miss Poland 2016 finalist
29. Julia Jura- Miss Południa Nastolatek 2016, Princess of the World 2016 finalist in Germany
30. Jagoda Sokołowskaa – Miss Teen Poland finalist , Miss Teen Poland Internautów oraz Miasta Kozienice 2016
31. Klaudia Kucharska- Princess of the World 2016 finalist in Germany, Bursztynowa Miss Lata in Sopot 2016
32. Angelika Wiciejowska – Bursztynowa Miss Lata 2016 2nd runner up in Sopot
33. Justyna Żmuda – Foto Models Poland 2016 finalist in Greece
34. Natalia Janoszek – Miss Swimsuit USA 2nd runner up

Najpiękniejsza Góralka 2017 – Istebna

16 July 2017

Aleksandra Wyszomierska (Miss Południa Nastolatek 2017 & Top 10 Miss Polski Nastolatek 2017) was the VIP guest at the Najpiękniejsza Góralka 2017 beauty pageant in Istebna.

Patrycja Bury from Jaworzynka received the title of Najpiękniejsza Góralka.

Klaudia’s first TV interview as the Miss Teen Poland 2017

28 June 2017

Klaudia won Miss Teen Poland 2017

24 June 2017

On june 24th the finale of Miss Południa Nastolatek 2017 took place in Kozienice.

There were 22 finalists in the finale, 4 of them from Grabowska Models  (Klaudia, Ola, Kathrin i Wiktoria).

Klaudia & Ola qualified to the TOP 10 Miss Polski Nastolatek.

Klaudia received the main title MISS POLKSI NASTOLATEK 2017 as well as received the title MISS POLSKI NASTOLATEK NASZEGO MIASTA 




Miss Teen Poland 2017 Internet Voting !

19 June 2017

Grabowska Models representatives – Kathrin, Ola, Wiktoria & Klaudia !

Miss Teen Poland 2017 training camp

17 June 2017


Grabowska Models representatives:

Klaudia Kucharska – Miss Południa Nastolatek 2015

Aleksandra Wyszomierska – Miss Południa Nastolatek 2017

Kathrin Januszewska –  Miss Południa Nastolatek 2017 – 1st runner up

Wiktoria Kohut – Miss Południa Nastolatek 2017 –  2nd runner up

Jagoda’s visit at the Children’s Hospital

15 June 2017

Jagoda visited the childrens hospital as Miss Charity, the title she received at the Miss Południa Nastolatek 2016 for all the Charity and volunteer work that she has been doing. She brought hand made presents for the kids that she did all by herself !

This week keep your fingers crossed for Jagoda, the Miss Teen Poland 2016  finale is this friday!


Summing up the Miss Beskidów & Miss Południa Nastolatek 2016 beauty pageants

01 June 2017

Thank You to all the companies that supported us financially during these to pageants. Spacila Thank You to SKOFF, SURFIN I BETAMED.

Every finalist received a swimsuit from LORIN, pass to Luce Arena, Affect cosmetics, invitations to restuarants Wirtuozeria, Lunita or American Dream, and passes to the bowling alley.

Titles :

ITALIA NEL MONDO – Italian School (private Italian lessons)
GRACJA –  jewelery & crowns
ALICJA EXCLUSIVE – a leather vest & hat
MARGIT FOTO – photo shoot
TRENDY – invitation to Salon Trendy
RESTAURACJA AMERICAN DREAM – bony oraz przelot samolotem nad Tatrami
SKLEP ŚWIAT BIUSTONOSZY – shopping voucher
CUBANA – karnet do szkoły tańca
LULU DESIGN – voucher for shopping &a dress
SPA HOTEL JAWOR – weekend stay for 2 people
GMINA JAWORZE – cosmetics
ENERGETIX – jewelery
HAŃDEREK – kosz wędlin, bony na zakupy w sklepie oraz wyżywienie podczas Pikniku Country
AFFECT – jewelery


Miss Południa Nastolatek photo shoot with their mom’s !

26 May 2017

Yesterday’s  Miss Beskidów & Miss Południa Nastolatek 2017 was dedicated to all the moms, because of their Special Day – Mother’s Day. Mom’s received personal letters form their daughters as well as pictures from a photo shoot that they had together.

Styl Studio Vena prepared special outfits for all the moms & Angelika Nabiałczyk Fashion Boutique prepared outfits for our teens.

Miss Beskidów & Miss Południa Nastolatek 2017 finale

25 May 2017



Miss Południa Nastolatek Aleksandra Wyszomierska
Miss Południa Nastolatek Kathrin Januszewska  1st runner up
Miss Południa Nastolatek Wiktoria Kohut  2nd runner up

Miss Beskidów 2017 Katarzyna Żydek
Miss Beskidów Asia Mędrzak  1st runner up
Miss Beskidów Klaudia Waleczek  2nd runner up

Miss Foto Asia Mędrzak
Miss Foto Nastolatek Wiktoria Kohut
Top Model Klaudia Waleczek
Top Model Nastolatek Paulina Rejniak
Miss Talent Ania Mlak
Miss Spin Katarzyna Żydek
Miss Hair Dominika Czudek
Miss Internetu Nastolatek Martyna Pękała
Miss Internetu Asia Mędrzak
Wiktoria Janik & her mom received the most friendly mom & daughter title

You will find more pictures on our facebook page GRABOWSKA MODELS