Our models for AX POLAND

18 February 2019

Models- Mateusz, Wojtek (Mister Beskid贸w 2019 finalists) &Ola

馃摳 Bartek Kli艣

Meet this years Mister Beskid贸w finalists !

14 February 2019

We invite You to submbit your votes for Your favourite finalist who will receive the 聽the 聽Mister Internet title聽馃弳


You can also help the guys win the Mister Social Media title by liking the picture of your favourite finalist at the Mister Beskid贸w fb page.

Weekend with the Mister Beskid贸w 2019 finalists

09 February 2019

A great weekend with the 聽Mister Beskid贸w 2019 finalists is behind us 鉂楋笍
We started the saturday by shopping for the kids from the Orphanage in Olsz贸wce, and then 聽playing 聽a tournament 聽in bowling. 聽The winner of the bowling tournament turned out to be Cyprian Tomasiewicz 馃弳
After 聽we visited the orphanage where be brought all the gifts for the kids. We spent a nice time with the kids by playing games, and reading books. It was great seeing the smile on the kids faces. Thank You to 聽Klub Klimat聽for organising the bowling tournament for our finalists聽馃槉

Mister Poland 2018 finale

12 January 2019

This year our agency was represented by Konrad C. & Mateusz B.

TOP 3 Mister Poland

Tomasz Zarzycki – Mister Poland 2018

Marcin Moczulski – I runner up

Micha艂 Grudzie艅 – II runner up

Mister Poland candidates in today’s Pytanie na 艢niadanie

05 January 2019

Our representatives :

#1 Mateusz Badowicz

#3 Konrad Cupia艂 (Mister Beskid贸w 2018)

Konrad for Armani Exchange Poland

04 January 2019

Preparations before Mister Poland finale

02 January 2019

The preparations before the big finale of Mister Poland has officially started. Good luck to our representatives in this years edition聽Konrad & Mateusz聽馃敟 The finale will take place on january 9th in Capitol Theater in Warsaw.

Konrad Cupia艂

01 January 2019

3. Konrad CUPIA艁/@konrad_cupial

Lives in O艣wi臋cim. He studies 聽Electrical Engineer 鈥 Automation. He currently lives and works in Cracow.
His zodiac sign is cancer.
He loves lasagna. He relaxes while 聽bowling. His hobbies include 聽gym, tennis, movies and good music. He loves bodybuilding and tennis.
Spending time with his family gives him happiness, he’s most afraid of losing his loved ones.聽
For the question – What is the 聽hardest thing in life” He answered “to please everyone that he would like to satisfy .”
Photo: @fotografgwiazd

Outfit: @guns_and_tuxedos Hairstyles: @jagahupalo Make-up: @mokotowskamakeupacademy 鈥斺斺斺斺斺
SMS number 7168 with content: MISTER. 3
SMS Cost: 1.23 incl. VAT
Terms and current results at: www.mister.gratifica.pl

馃敟Konrad Cupia艂- Mister Beskid贸w 2018, will be representing us in the finale of Mister Poland of 9.01.馃敟

Mateusz Badowicz

01 January 2019

1. Mateusz BADOWICZ
Mateusz is from Sanok. He works at 聽O艣rodek Szkolno- Wychowawczym.
His zodiac is a Libra.
Hobby: singing, sports, especially martial arts. He loves karaoke &聽聽spaghetti.
For the question what do you this is the most difficult in life he answered: 聽鈥濷vercoming weaknesses鈥
He’s scared of being lonely as an elderly person his strength are love and dreams.
Foto: @fotografgwiazd
Outfit: @guns_and_tuxedos
Hair: @jagahupalo
Make-up: @mokotowskamakeupacademy
SMS pod numer 7168
o tre艣ci: MISTER.1
SMS: 1,23 z VAT

馃敟 Mateusz Badowicz , on january 9th will be representing our agency in the Mister Poland finale馃敟

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30 December 2018

Klaudia Kucharska – Miss Teen Poland passed on her title to 聽Zuzanna Poteraj.

The 30th edition of Miss Beskid贸w, to which all the previous Miss Beskid贸w were invited.

This years accomplishments in the agency:

Martina Czeszak – Miss Miss Beskid贸w Nastolatek 2018, 聽Miss Polski Nastolatek finalist 2018
Hania Siod艂ak – Miss Beskid贸w 2018 1st runner up, 聽Miss Polski Nastolatek finalist 2018
Livia Dobies – 聽Miss Polski Nastolatek finalist聽2018
Ania Jaromin- Miss Beskid贸w 2018, 聽Miss Polski finalist 2018
Luiza Szczerbowska- Miss Beskid贸w 2018 1st runner up, TOP 10 Miss Polski & Miss Polski Internetu 2018
Dominika Czudek – 聽Foto Models Poland 2018 finalist in Turkey
Klaudia Mrozi艅ska – Bursztynowa Miss Lata 2018 in Gniew
Karolina Chrobak – Bursztynowa Miss Lata in Mechelinki
Anna Odrzywolska – Bursztynowa Miss Lata 2018 in Chmielnie
Julia Kempka -Bursztynowa Miss Lata 2018 1st runner up in Chmielnie
Julia Owczarz – Miss Lata Faktu 2018 2nd runner up
Natalia B艂ahut – Bursztynowa Miss Polski 2018聽2nd runner up
Aleksandra Wyszomierska -Miss Cieszyna 聽1nd runner up
Gosia Habdas – Queen of Poland at Capo Verde聽(Queen of Morabitur)
Klaudia Waleczek – 聽Queen of Poland finalist at Capo Verde
Konrad Cupia艂- Mister Beskid贸w 2018 (Mister Polski finalist)
Mateusz Badowicz – (Mister Polski finalist)
The finale Mister Polski will take place on january 9th in Warsaw at the Capitol Theater.

Katarzyna Berdychowska, Klaudia Matlak, Paulina Ma艣lanka, Ania Jaromin, Justyna Najbor, Natalia Rabaszowska walked in fashion shows during wedding fairs in Barcelona, Paris, Milan, Essen, Dusseldorf & Warsaw. Natala Cach & Luiza Szczerbowska walked in fashion shows in Milan and 聽 Ola Wyszomierska in France. Katarzyna Kwa艣ny had a photo shoot in Iceland for Alwero.. Gabi Kwiatkowska & Karolina worked as hostesses at the Porche Carrera Cup in Germany. Over 50 of our hostesses worked at the International Trade Fair in Bielsko- Bia艂a. Our models took part in various fashion shows, photo shoots, and events such as: Trendy Hair Revolution, fashion show for Ash from Japan, V finale of Squasha Polska Kontra Reszta 艢wiata, Metamorfozy Nowe 呕ycie Mamy, Festiwal Go Wegan, Anny Drabczy艅ska Fashion Shows, Fashion Philosophy Fashion Week Poland, Fashion SHow of an Italian brand Fashion Boom International, Fashion show at the Christams at 聽Star贸wka, Wedding Fairs, Expo Fair in Krakow and many more.

Just like each year we made a charity calendar titled ” Don’t buy, adopt” for the temporary animal homes as well as the Reksio animal shelter. The 15th edition of the VIP Fashion Show ” Pokaz Ludzi Wielkiego Serca” took place in which all the important peaople such as doctors, politicians, artists, etc were a part of. The money raised was passed on to the orphanage and the hospice in Bielsko- Bia艂a.

For over 30 years in the southern part of Poland we ‘ve been organising 聽modeling workshops, for future models . This year we organised 3 workshops, which ended with a profesional fashion show, a diploma and an oportunity to be a part of our agency. Everyone that is interested in the next Winter Modeling Workshops can submit their application online at:


In experience write (Modeling Workshops 2019)

Thank You to all the companies, models, followers make up artists, photographers and many more that worked with us this year. We wish You a Happy New Year and all the best in the future.
Lucyna Grabowska-G贸recka & Sara Karcz

Finale of Mister Supranational 2018

16 December 2018

Poland was represented by Jakub Kucner who received the title of Mister Supranational 2018 1st runner up. He is also a , Mister Global 2018 2nd runner up& ofcourse Mister Poland 2017.

Our models for Lulu Design

14 December 2018

Models : Klaudia Kucharska ( Miss Teen Poland 2017) , Anna- Maria Jaromin (Miss Beskid贸w, Miss Poland finalist 2018) & Patrycja Wi臋cek (Miss Beskid贸w 2017 1st runner up)

Mister Poland 2018 Internet Voting

11 December 2018

If You want to vote, send an SMS to 7168 with a message 聽MISTER. & add a numer of Your favourite guy from # 01 to 17. PRICE SMS: 1,23 z艂 + VAT. Our representatives #1 & #3

CASTING to Mister Beskid贸w 2019

30 November 2018

We are starting the casting to the Mister Beskid贸w 2019 pageant, the finalists will qualify to the semifinals of 聽Mister Polski 2019 鉂楋笍
Candidates ages 18-30. In this years finale we have two representatives from our agency 聽Konrad Cupia艂 &Mateusz Badowicz.

Who will receive the title of Mister Poland 2018?

20 November 2018

Who will receive the title of Mister Poland 2018鉂
Among the finalists are two of our representatives : 聽Konrad Cupia艂聽&聽Mateusz Badowicz (聽Mister Beskid贸w聽finalists). The Mister Poland finalists have officially started preparing for the Mister Poland 2018 gala which will take place on january 9th in Warsaw !


Our beautiful Luiza in the Miss Poland 2018 finale馃挋

17 August 2018

Mister Poland 2018 semifinals

01 July 2018

Congratulations to聽Konrad Cupia艂聽&聽Mateusz Badowicz, 聽who qualified to the finale of Mister Polski 2018 馃憣馃摳聽

On 5.07 at 9 PM You can watch it on 聽TV4.


Miss & Mister Poland Casting

12 June 2018

Our representatives that qualified to the Miss Teen Poland finale:
Martina CzeszakMiss Beskid贸w Nastolatek 2018
Hania Siod艂ak – I vice Miss Beskid贸w Nastolatek
Livia Dobies – Gold Card聽

Finale will take place on june 30th.

Representatives that qualified to the Mister Poland semifinals
Konrad Cupia艂Mister Beskid贸w 2018
艁ukasz Rak – 聽Mister Beskid贸w 2nd runner up
Mateusz Badowicz – Gold Card

On july 1st we’ll find out who will qualify to the finale

In the Miss Poland pageant there were over 200 girls in the running, only 60 qualified. In this group there are 3 representatives from our agency :

Ania JarominMiss Beskid贸w 2018
Luiza Szczerbowska – Miss Beskid贸w 1st runner up
Natala Cach – Miss Beskid贸w 3rd runner up

On wednesday we will find out who qualified to the Miss Poland 2018 semifinals. The information will be on our facebook page Grabowska Models馃敟

Mister Poland & Miss Poland

07 June 2018

Our representatives that will be representing us in the eliminations to the Miss Poland, Miss Teen Poland & Mister Poland 2018 pageants.

Who will qualify? We’ll find out on june 10th. Good luck !

Mister Beskid贸w 2018

11 May 2018

In the new 聽LADY’S CLUB magazine all about聽Mister Beskid贸w 2018 pageant
On june 10th our representatives will be going to the semi finals casting to the Mister Poland 2018 pageant聽馃敟馃挜
Good Luck