Mister Beskidów finalists for Ax Poland

18 March 2019

This years  Mister Beskidów finalists for  AX Poland. Julia Żurek,  Miss Beskidów 2019  finalist joined them for the photoshoot😊We invite You to the Gala finałowa Miss Beskidów i Mister Beskidów 2019 on may 24th in BCK – Bielskie Centrum Kultury Dom Muzyki😊

📸 Kubicius Fotografia


Mister Beskidów finalists for Alwero – Produkty wełniane

17 March 2019

This years  Mister Beskidów finalists for Alwero – Produkty wełniane❗️😊
How do You like it
📸 Foto JanCzar

Kasia shooting for Alwero in Iceland

10 March 2019

Miss Beskidów 2013/  Miss Polski finalist

Miss Bride of the World 1st runner up in China 2014

Mister Beskidów Hotelu Kocierz

09 March 2019

Thank You Kocierz Hotel & SPA for the opportunity to stay and prepare for the big finale of MIster Beskidów 2019 in Your hotel. The finale will take place on May 24th in  BCK – Bielskie Centrum Kultury Dom Muzyki .

In the meantime we got to know the winner of the following titles:

Mister Beskidów Hotelu Kocierz – Wojtek Grychnik
Mister Internetu- Yevhenii Malashenko
Mister Foto- Mateusz Kuboszek
Mister Social Media – Wojtek Grychnik
Mister Publiczności – Wojtek Grychnik
Mister Elegancji – Piotr Cygroń
Mister Friendly (wybrany przez finalistów) – Wojtek Grychnik
Mistrz Bowlingu – Cyprian Tomasiewicz
Mister Swim – Wojtek Grychnik
Mister firmy Alwero – Produkty wełniane – Cyprian Tomasiewicz

Tonight we will find out who will be the Mister Beskidów Hotelu Kocierz

09 March 2019

Tonight we will find out who will be the winner of the main title  Mister Beskidów Hotelu Kocierz ❗️
Behind us are intense practices, fittings and photoshoots. Our models will be joining the finalists during the event. We will show the collections of AX Poland, Alwero – Produkty wełniane, Konrad bielizna, Lulu Design & Henderson.
The finalists are:
1. Piotr Cygroń @piotrcygron
2. Mateusz Guga @mateusz.guga_44
3. Yevhenii Malashenko @_yevmal
4. Witek Wrzeszcz @witek98
5. Cyprian Tomasiewicz @c.y.p.r.i.a.n_t
6. Mateusz Kuboszek @kuboszek_mateusz
7. Bartek Wiśniewski @bartosz.wisniewski98
8. Arek Ostrowski @arek_ostry93
9. Bartek Gwiazda @mr_gwiazda
10. Kamil Bieniek @mr.bienio
11. Wojtek Grychnik @wojtek_grychnik

Now it’s time to relaks before the finale… We invite You to observe our fb page where we will be live starting 8.30 P.M.

Women’s Day and the 3rd day of grouping

08 March 2019

Happy Women’s Day to all the Ladies !

The 3️⃣rd day of grouping in Kocierz Hotel & SPA is behind us. Our day started with Yoga. After breakfast we had dance practice, with Kateřina Kubíčková. We found ot who the winners are for the following titles:
🏆Mister Portalu Bielsko.biala Yevhenii Malashenko
🏆Mister Social Media Wojtek Grychnik

We’ll find out the following titles tomorrow during the finale of  Mister Beskidów Hotelu Kocierz.
The finale of Mister Beskidów to Mister Polski will take place on May 24th  in BCK – Bielskie Centrum Kultury Dom Muzyki.



2nd day of Mister Beskidów grouping

07 March 2019

Day 2️⃣
Second day of our preparations before the Mister Beskidów Hotelu Kocierz is behind us. We started our day with two  photo shoots for AX Poland & Alwero – Produkty wełniane. 📸 After the photo shoots we had dance practice with our choreographer from Chech Republic Kateřina Kubíčková. To relaks after a bussy day, in the evening we had Yoga practice.  To see how we spend our day You can follow us on instagram Miss_MisterBeskidów & Grabowskamodels.😊

1st day of Mister Beskidów grouping is behind us…

06 March 2019

We just finished the first day of the Mister Beskidów Grouping…📸⚽️We are in Hotel Kocierz where we are preparing before the big finale that will take place on May 24 th in Bielskie Centrum Kultury. You can watch the insta story on  Grabowska Models & Miss_MisterBeskidów.

Another bussy weekend is behind us

06 March 2019

Another bussy weekend is behind us ! Another meeting during the Winter Modeling Workshops in Grabowska Models. This time our participants practiced their catwalk moves, Lucyna Grabowska talked about autopresentation, Konrad Cupiał Mister Beskidów 2018 visited us and talked  about his success in the pageant as well as his modeling experience. He also answered questions that our participants had. After the modeling workshops we had our first practice with the Mister Beskidów, Miss Beskidów & Miss Beskidów Nastolatek finalists.

Photoshoot fo Ax Poland

05 March 2019

Models – Mateusz & Wojtek (Mister Beskidów 2019 finalist)

Konrad Cupiał – Mister Beskidów 2018/ Top 10 Mister Poland

Aleksandra Wyszomierska – Miss Beskidów Nastolatek 2017/ Top 10 Miss Teen Poland

📸 Bartek Kliś

Tonight is the new edition of Dancing With the Stars!

01 March 2019

Tonight💃🏼🕺🏻Jakub Kucner & Lenka Kliment will be a part of the new Dancing With the Starts season. We’ll see them live at 8.00 P.M in Polsat TV.📺

Soon we’ll be watching Jakub in Dancing with the Stars…

20 February 2019

Jakub Kucner – Mister Poland 2017 will be in the new season of Dancing with the Stars!

Our models for AX POLAND

18 February 2019

Models- Mateusz, Wojtek (Mister Beskidów 2019 finalists) &Ola

📸 Bartek Kliś

Meet this years Mister Beskidów finalists !

14 February 2019

We invite You to submbit your votes for Your favourite finalist who will receive the  the  Mister Internet title 🏆


You can also help the guys win the Mister Social Media title by liking the picture of your favourite finalist at the Mister Beskidów fb page.

Weekend with the Mister Beskidów 2019 finalists

09 February 2019

A great weekend with the  Mister Beskidów 2019 finalists is behind us ❗️
We started the saturday by shopping for the kids from the Orphanage in Olszówce, and then  playing  a tournament  in bowling.  The winner of the bowling tournament turned out to be Cyprian Tomasiewicz 🏆
After  we visited the orphanage where be brought all the gifts for the kids. We spent a nice time with the kids by playing games, and reading books. It was great seeing the smile on the kids faces. Thank You to  Klub Klimat for organising the bowling tournament for our finalists  😊

Mister Poland 2018 finale

12 January 2019

This year our agency was represented by Konrad C. & Mateusz B.

TOP 3 Mister Poland

Tomasz Zarzycki – Mister Poland 2018

Marcin Moczulski – I runner up

Michał Grudzień – II runner up

Mister Poland candidates in today’s Pytanie na Śniadanie

05 January 2019

Our representatives :

#1 Mateusz Badowicz

#3 Konrad Cupiał (Mister Beskidów 2018)

Konrad for Armani Exchange Poland

04 January 2019

Preparations before Mister Poland finale

02 January 2019

The preparations before the big finale of Mister Poland has officially started. Good luck to our representatives in this years edition Konrad & Mateusz 🔥 The finale will take place on january 9th in Capitol Theater in Warsaw.

Konrad Cupiał

01 January 2019

3. Konrad CUPIAŁ/@konrad_cupial

Lives in Oświęcim. He studies  Electrical Engineer – Automation. He currently lives and works in Cracow.
His zodiac sign is cancer.
He loves lasagna. He relaxes while  bowling. His hobbies include  gym, tennis, movies and good music. He loves bodybuilding and tennis.
Spending time with his family gives him happiness, he’s most afraid of losing his loved ones. 
For the question – What is the  hardest thing in life” He answered “to please everyone that he would like to satisfy .”
Photo: @fotografgwiazd

Outfit: @guns_and_tuxedos Hairstyles: @jagahupalo Make-up: @mokotowskamakeupacademy ——————
SMS number 7168 with content: MISTER. 3
SMS Cost: 1.23 incl. VAT
Terms and current results at: www.mister.gratifica.pl

🔥Konrad Cupiał- Mister Beskidów 2018, will be representing us in the finale of Mister Poland of 9.01.🔥