Mister Poland 2019 Internet Voting

05 August 2019

By voting You can guarantee them a spot in the finale of Mister Polski 2019❗️

To vote send an,  SMS to  7255 message MP.# of your candidate 1 to 53. SMS to 2,46 zł z VAT.
We invite You to vote for the  Grabowska Models representatives❗️
✔️ Wojtek Grychnik #7
✔️ Dawid Czernek #24
✔️ Mateusz Kuboszek #26
✔️ Przemysław Węgrzyn #34
✔️ Cyprian Tomasiewicz #45
✔️ Łukasz Rak #47

Voting ends on 14.08

Mateusz by Małgorzata Kubicius

02 August 2019

Mateusz Kuboszek, ( Mister Beskidów 2nd runner up,  Mister Polski 2019 finalist😊
📸 Kubicius Fotografia

Bartek is flying out to India for a 3 month modeling contract to India

23 July 2019

Good Luck❗️
📸 Jan Szwagrzyk

Wybory Najpiękniejszej Góralki 2019👑📸

19 July 2019

There were 11 finalists from  TRÓJWSI i ZAOLZIA.
Sylwia Polok is the 16 year old who won the title. She received a prize from our agency  ( she is qualified to the Miss Beskidów Nastolatek 2020 pageant. Johana Pazderova, Darina Gociekova & Anna Onderek received an invitation to  the Miss Beskidów 2020 pageant.
Our models were invited to the jury of the pageant : Magdalena Kasiborska (Miss Beskidów 2019) & Wojtek Grychnik (Mister Beskidów).
Mateusz Guga -Mister CHARM was walking out the finalists during the presentations on stage😊

Our Mister Beskidów 2019 Wojtek Grychnik in the Kulczynsky “Będę walczył o Ciebie” music video

11 July 2019

Thank You Sypień Stomatologia for the beautiful prizes for Miss & Mister Beskidów finalists

04 July 2019

MIss & MIss Teen Beskidów presentation

02 July 2019

Our models for Ozonee

25 June 2019

A couple of shots from the recent photo shoot of our Mister Beskidów 2019 finalists, who qualified to the Mister Poland semi finals.💥

Style – Ozonee
📸 Bartek Kliś

Henderson fashion show during the Mister Beskidów Gala

24 June 2019

AX Poland fashion show during the Mister Beskidów i Miss Beskidów 2019 Gala

19 June 2019

Eliminations before the Miss Poland, Mister Poland & Miss Teen Poland finals

18 June 2019

Thank You for your cooperation during the  organisation of the regional pageants. Thank You for everything You’ve done to make the Gala of Miss & Mister Beskidów one of a kind, as well as preparing the candidates to the next stages of the pageant.

We are happy to inform You that the region Beskidy will be represented by:

Region Beskidy in the Miss Poland 2019 semi-finalls will be represented by:
1. Magdalena Kasiborska

Mister Poland semi finals  2019 will be represented by:
1. Wojtek Grychnik
2. Mateusz Kuboszek
3. Cyprian Tomasiewicz
4. Dawid Czernek
5. Łukasz Rak
6. Przemysław Węgorz Węgrzyn

Miss Teen Poland finale 2019:
1. Martyna Wala
2. Amelia Koc
3. Sára Skoupilová

Congratulations to the finalists that have qualified ! We wish You luck in the next stages of the pageants.


Miss Poland office

Wedding presentation during the Miss & Mistera Beskidów Gala 📸❤️

13 June 2019

Wedding Dresses: Suknie Ślubne Donna Bianca

Suits: Adriano Calitri

Miss & Mister Beskidów finale

24 May 2019

On may 24th in Bielskim Centrum Kultury the finale of Miss & Mister Beskidów 2019 took place. Big thank You goes to all the sponsors  as well everyone that  helped with the preparations before the big gala.

Congratulations to all the finalists and everyone that qualified to the Miss & Mister Poland semi-finals.

Miss Beskidów – Magdalena Kasiborska
Miss Beskidów 1st runner up- Julia Żurek
Miss Beskidów 2nd runner up – Sara Skoupilova
Miss Beskidów 3rd runner up- Wiktoria Borkowska

Miss Beskidów Nastolatek – Martyna Wala
Miss Beskidów 1st runner up– Katarzyna Janosz
Miss Beskidów 2nd runner up – Amelia Koc
Miss Beskidów 3rd runner up – Natalia Handzlik

Mister Beskidów – Wojtek Grychnik
Mister Beskidów 1st runner up– Bartek Gwiazda
Miss Beskidów 2nd runner up – Mateusz Kuboszek
Miss Beskidów 3rd runner up – Cyprian Tomasiewicz

Additional finalists that qualify to the Miss Poland & Mister Poland semi-finals
1. Wiktoria Majewska
2. Róża Warzecha
3. Natalia Błahut
4. Witold Wrzeszcz
5. Arkadiusz Ostrowski
6. Martyna Chorzępa
7. Michalina Buchalik
8. Sandra Trojak

📸Grzegorz Moskal Fotografia

Mister Beskidów’s finalists meeting with the jury

21 May 2019

Przemek for Ozonee

09 May 2019

📸 Piechota Fotografia