Mister Poland 2019 semi-finals!

For the past few days all the Mister Poland semi-finalists have been working hard before the Big Gala at a grouping in Hotel Wolski in Krakow. Tomorrow we will find out who will qualify to the Finale of Mister Poland 2019 ❗️📸🔥
Good luck to our Grabowska Models representatives ( Mister Beskidów finalists):
✔️ Wojtek Grychnik
✔️ Mateusz Kuboszek
✔️ Cyprian Tomasiewicz
✔️ Dawid Czernek
✔️ Przemysław Węgrzyn
✔️ Łukasz Rak

The finale of Mister Poland will take place on November 6th in Warsaw.
Below are a couple of pictures from the grouping.😊

There will be a couple of live videos from tomorrows Semi Finals on our fb page Grabowska Models.
💥We’ll start at 8.00 p.m. 💥