Modeling School Workshops

?GRABOWSKA MODELS has been preparing girls and boys for stage performances during beauty contests and for fashion presentations on the catwalk for 35 years, as well as for work in photo modeling. ? We specialize in finding new faces and talents. Many of our models achieve success in the country and abroad. We work individually with each person, their promotion and career shaping.
Grabowska Models School
⭐️We help to discover natural predispositions, teach how to strengthen the strengths of personality and support in the processes of change for the better. We try to develop talents and strengthen their abilities
which will allow you to break the blockages and limitations in achieving the goal and dreams. ⭐️
*Classes are conducted by specialists experienced in their field.
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?512 226 366 or 502 596 669
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Limited number of places – registration on a first-come, first-served basis
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