Summer Camp 2 in Szkoła Modelek Grabowska Models

Our participants had the following classes:
✅Fashion presentation on the catwalk
✅Psychologist meeting on self-esteem and hate with Marta Gancarczyk
✅Posing in front of the camera with Magdalena Dyrda & Grzegorz Pońc
✅Interpersonal communication
✅Trichologist with Academy of Beauty Maromi Monika Szuta
✅Brafiterką World of Bras – professional brafitting
✅Makeup and body care classes- SKmakeup by Sara
✅TV workshops / interviews – TV Adam Budkiewicz Cosiedziejetv
✅ Diploma Show with the audience / receiving a Certificate of Completion of the Modeling Course
✅Meeting with the winners of the beauty pageants
Titled models Grabowska Models :
? Zuzanna Balonek – Amber Miss Polish 2023, Miss Beskidy Teen 2022
? Karolina Majcherczyk – Miss Beskidy 2023
? Natalia Mastela Hernandez –   Miss Amber  Poland 2023 1st runenr up, Miss Beskidy 2023 3rd runner up
? Martyna Binda –  Miss Beskidy 2023 2nd runner up

Currently, our participants are in the process of individual photo and Polaroid sessions in the Magdalena Dyrda & Grzegorz Pońc studio, for which make-up is performed by SKmakeup by Sara??
❗️NEXT CAMP at Grabowska Models School  NOVEMBER 10-12th❗️
We invite everyone who wants to gain self-confidence, learn the secrets of modeling, be successful in beauty contests and acquire skills that will help you in the modeling industry in the country and abroad. During the classes, you will meet the finalists of the Miss and Mister competitions, who conquer the world of modeling in Poland and abroad.
Find out more:
?512 226 366 or 502 596 669
[email protected]
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